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A man killed himself and children because of hunger

Edith Ijeh
Posted December 17, 2018 from Nigeria
Expired on December 25, 2018

Few days ago a lady called me from a village in port Harcourt Nigeria announcing a sad situation and why I should come to her home town. This time before I could ask how she got my contact she said "anty I meet you for Alaba 2015''. 

I promised her that I will come to her community with stuffs for daily livelihood and survival but deep  down in me I ask where will I get this things and transportation to that village. 

Hunger brings depression, it a killer and its wicked. I have been deprived of food as a singe of punishment for 2day so I know how it feels and still remember how it felt.

Help me to make a difference in this communities, I can't do it alone. Our sisters need us.

Food, cloths, toys, kitchen equipment, educational items, shoes and lot more is what we seek to make this happen.

In anticipation of your commitment to eradicate hunger and promote sheared prosperity, simply by given out our useful but used stuffs.

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Jill Langhus
Dec 17, 2018
Dec 17, 2018

Hi Edith,

That is sad:( How is your fundraiser coming along? I hope you are able to screen your calls since WP is a public forum. Just be careful with having your phone number listed, please. Or, you may want to consider having people contact you via private message, too. Good luck with your fundraiser, dear:-) Please stay safe, too!