Posted June 9, 2016 from Canada

June 9, 2016, This is another part to my story about "Attack In The Shadow....The Unspoken Crime.....MOST PEOPLE OUT THERE KNOW WHO FREEMASONS ARE...EVEN THOUGH MANY OF THEM COVER THEMSELVES BEHIND CHRISTIANITY... I've been telling people for over 3 years now that my former employer (Salvation Army who are freemasons) have been harassing, abusing, tormenting and threatening to kill me in subtle well disguised ways in an effort to silence me from speaking out about how they used me as an unsuspecting mule while I worked for them to cash cheques using my name and id even though they weren't my pay cheques (amongst other things) and all what they've been doing to me since but no one will help me.... they do these things in ways that it's not easily noticed by the average person who's not involved in their network and plan cause after all they have their reputation to worry about. Anyone out there who's a freemason lodge member (knows exactly what I'm talking about) or knows anyone who is, or an ex-freemason or anyone who has done research and read about freemasons and how dangerous they really operate knows that they are capable of doing unspeakable things and that they use symbols, signs, coded messages and all different kinds of covert methods using high tech technology and whatever underhanded well disguised means to carryout their schemes such as harassing, tormenting, abusing and threatening someone along with the fact that they have a network of freemasons from the brotherhood ready and willing from all walks of life and profession to help them carry out their plans against me. Everything that I've been describing about how they've been tormenting, abusing and threatening me amongst other things lines up with the methods of the freemason craft that involves, great secrecy, deception, lies, manipulation, mind control, symbols, coded messages, signs etc. and a brotherhood network who are bound by their freemason oaths to help each other no matter what and that's why I've been having a difficult time to get anyone to help me even though I've been telling people the truth and that I have evidence. That's why this has been dragging on for so long and no one will help me because it seems that only freemasons are allowed to get justice if they are wronged but a poor, innocent, black non-freemason woman like myself is left to suffer over and over at their hands simply because they have a brotherhood of members in the police force, in the court rooms, in law offices, in government offices, in news rooms, and every single profession in this world that you can think of! This is why the police won't even file my claim and start an investigation even though I told them I feel my life is being threatened, this is why the news media won't investigate and make my story public, this is why every government office that could potentially help me did nothing to help me which includes the ones who are supposed to help women, this is why I can't get any lawyer to take my case even though they know I have a case and it goes on and on.....every where I go they have already gone ahead to make sure that whomever I'm going to for help will not help me. Please someone tell me what are the chances that I've been crying out for over 3 years now and no one will investigate and make my story one sees the crime in all my claims! FREEMASON MEMBERS ARE ONLY HUMANS WHO HAPPEN TO BE MEMBERS OF AN OCCULT GROUP. THEY ARE NOT PERFECT PEOPLE, THEY COMMIT CRIMES TOO JUST LIKE ANY MEMBER OF SOCIETY WHO CHOOSES TO COMMIT A CRIME....SO WHY IS EVERYONE TURNING A BLIND EYE TO THE CRIME THAT MY FORMER EMPLOYER COMMITTED. IS IT TRULY BECAUSE EVERYONE THAT'S HEARD, READ OR THAT I'VE APPROACHED ABOUT MY STORY IS A FREEMASON MEMBER AND IS BOUND BY AN OATH TO AID AND ABET ANOTHER FREEMASON WHO HAS COMMITTED A CRIME AND OBSTRUCT JUSTICE??? IS THAT WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON? **However, please know that I'm not suggesting or saying that all freemasons are criminals but the ones I've encountered in this situation so far are. Please help bring awareness to this type of crime so that my nightmare can end. So that I can finally reach someone who is willing to help me get relief and justice. I've been trying on my own but to no avail and suffering in silence at the same time....this is not right especially because of the country I live in, "Canada" of all places that supposed to be one of the most democratic and peaceful country where women and children especially are supposed to feel safe and protected not living in fear of a group of people who have too much money and power to abuse...this is Canada!! If you are willing, please help me to contact my local police chief (Mark Saunders at 1(416) 808-8000/1(416)808-8001 anonymously to encourage them to take action and investigate this matter for me because it's a crime and I deserve to be protected by the law. My name is Rebecca Munroe and I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. My Facebook is: SistaBecca Munroe and I have a lot more details there about my story. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God bless.

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Tamarack Verrall
Dec 31, 2016
Dec 31, 2016

Hi Rebecca, 

Just in case you didn't get my message to Part 1 of this nightmare you lived through, if you are still in need of support I urge you to be in touch with the Toronto Elizabeth Fry Society. They may be able offer some good support. 

I hope that by now you are surrounded by support.

In sisterhood,