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Pertulla Ezigha Ketcha
Posted July 3, 2018 from Cameroon
Expired on July 30, 2018

*What is human trafficking*?
Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force-labour, fraud,
coercion to obtain some type of labour or commercial sex act (commercial sexual
Human trafficking has been gradually eating people up. They have traumatic
experiences and memories which will never be deleted. Many fall into the same trap
because they lack pre-knowledge on this ill. BUT;
 What about those who did not survive this experience? AND
 What about those who still fall into the same traps?
Reason why Leap Girl Africa decided to have this talk on human trafficking, so WE
can ALL SAVE the thousands of lives suffering in “modern slavery”. We can all
connect as a network and refute this ill.***Connect to our FACEBOOK PAGE, LEAP GIRL AFRICA, every day from the 5th -31st of July at 5PM, Cameroon time to participate.

How it will be done.
 Write-ups.
 Share important documents.
 Short videos.
 Live sessions.

Utilize This Offer

Reasons to participate.
 Gain knowledge on human trafficking.
 You can save a life with the knowledge you gained by educating your neighbour.
 You will be able to identify traffickers.
What we expect from you.
 Be very participative.
 Tell us what you know about human trafficking.

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Jill Langhus
Jul 03, 2018
Jul 03, 2018

Hi Pertulla.

Did you know that Francisca has a business in Cameroon specifically geared toward anti trafficking? She could be an excellent resource for you and your organization. This is her profile: Fanwi also deals with a lot of aid for women that have been trafficked as well: Or Esperanza:

Pertulla Ezigha Ketcha
Jul 03, 2018
Jul 03, 2018

Thank you very much Jill. You are always of great help .

Jill Langhus
Jul 03, 2018
Jul 03, 2018

You're welcome. Good luck with your campaign, and hope you have a great day!

Stephanie Mah
Jul 03, 2018
Jul 03, 2018

Hi Pertulla. Thanks for sharing the offer I will join you.