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Phionah Musumba
Posted April 16, 2015 from Kenya
Expired on May 31, 2015

Dear Sisters,

A few months ago, I applied to the Opportunity CollaborationCordes Fellowship that was posted here in the Economic Empowerment Group. About two weeks ago, I was notified that I had been selected as a Cordes Fellow to attend the Opportunity Collaboration in Ixtapa, Mexico! Unfortunately, the Fellowship does not cover any transportation costs, so I am turning to the community to help me find a way to get there.

I have a vision that everyone who has ever heard or read about thinks is too big. They all shy away from it. My village/community is nothing to write home about. We are the real definition of poverty. Girls miss out on school because of a significant lack of school fees, school supplies and the most essential, sanitary towels. The youth who drop out of school end up being criminals to make ends meet. The middle aged, elderly, children and everyone else can't afford basic medical attention when ill. The government dispensaries are so full of corrupt attendants who are not qualified as they get their positions out of nepotism in the devolved County government. When ill, one would rather lay prostate in their homes and await death as the fees charged for simple ailments like flu, diarrhoea and malaria, are too prohibitive. Even children under 5, who constitutionally deserve free treatment in such government institutions of health are not spared thus die like flies of diseases that shouldn't be fatal in this day and age.

My vision for Malkia Foundation is to build an all girls STEM school which would enroll girls from all over the country and beyond at affordable school fees for quality education where bright needy girls would be given full scholarships. It would be a first of its kind in Kenya. This school is important to me because the public schools in Kenya serve even upto 120 students in a class, and with a lesson taking only 40 minutes, these kids end up leaving school with a shoddy shot at education.

For the youth, I have a dream to build a vocational training centre where they will acquire the necessary skills and training to be gainfully and or self employed. This would significantly reduce the crime rate in the County. About health matters, I envision a clinic where the populace would get quality medical attention at an affordable flat rate. Mortality rate would be significantly reduced. I also have a final dream for now, to build a modern state of the art media centre, where we would have a radio and television station to cover and transmit what happens at the grassroots level to the whole world as it's always bypassed by the mainstream media due to political sycophancy. When and as all these dreams are realized, we will have created employment opportunities for over 3000 people in Vihiga County.

This Fellowship is very important because, the organizers are giving me a whole 5 days to share my vision with would be sponsors, donors, funders and or partners. These are not one or two would be benefactors, but almost 300 of them. This is the only platform I have to realize my dream for my community. That's how important it is to me. The cheapest rates I could find from Nairobi, Kenya to Ixtapa, Mexico begin from $ 3160. Please contact me if you can support me in any way to realize my vision! Thank you.

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