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About Me

The guiding energy of my life has been about fighting injustice, and a love of the natural world. I am deeply disgusted by human suffering and inequality, by racism, patriarchy and prejudice on any grounds. I am deeply concerned to see the terrible despoliation and destruction of the natural world - man ( and I use that word deliberately ) is in the middle of destroying the habitat of the human species. So almost all of my campaigning is on these major issues. My interests include a love of art and cinema, great pleasure in music and I am a serious lover of books. My daily ritual is to read the Guardian newspaper. My spiritual life is very important - I am a Druid. I am now nearly 70, and would like continue my study and learning, as well as sharing my wisdom with others.

My Vision

For a far less populated world, and an end to capitalism, injustice, suffering,pollution and destruction of habitat.


Solidarity with others.


With my imagination and analysis, and my willingness to co-operate. With my generosity of spirit and gift for friendship.


Economic PowerWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsHuman Rights for Women


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