Haze in Singapore

Tan Ching
Posted September 24, 2015 from Singapore

I have been experiencing haze in Singapore annually. This must happen once a year since the time when I was a teenager.....why must it be so, aren't there a permanent solution to end it once and for all? The discomfort increases once the PSI keeps climing up. Tonight , it has since shot up to more than 300, hazardous level . I just read in online news that schools for primary and secondary levels will be closed tommorrow. This is rather unheard of in our culture to close schools as major exams are coming up soon. (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/schools-to-close-on/214798... )

This haze has been here now for more than a week. Forests fires must occur annually in nearby Indonesia whether due to works of man ( to clear forests ) and together with the heat of our weather to accelarate the problems caused by it. Extending aids to Indonesia to put out the fire by Singapore has since been rejected. I also don't know why yearly...it is often this rejection whether wanting to be diplomatically friendly by one side....but the relationship still put both sides at arm's length.

These fires has increased the surroundings temperature, just think about the amount of carbon dioxide ( greenhouse gas ) contributed by it.

Please, something has to be done to stop all these going on which hurt our climate too. Forests are destroyed and these are precious resources to protect our Earth in the long-run for science reasons behind it. Development has to be sustainable and our health must be protected.

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Tejaswini Tilak
Oct 04, 2015
Oct 04, 2015

Hello PohChing, 

You do raise an important issue facing Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia at the moment. The haze which has been ongoing for weeks now has led to loss of productivity as well as affect the health of many residents, with kids and older citizens being affected the most. 

It will be interesting to see action taken on this front by the three governments. 

Thanks for raising an important topic. Regards, Tejaswini

Oct 05, 2015
Oct 05, 2015

Dear PohChing,

Thanks for raising such an important topic. Haze is such a health hazard for people, animals, and the environment in general. 

It is interesting that in the article you posted, the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources blames the current haze situation on a tropical storm, though pollution has been at a very high level for a long time, as you indicated by your experience as a teenager.

It's good that the government is investigating companies for their actions, but I hope that the consequences that these companies face will actually help to resolve the problem. Please keep us posted on the situation!

Best wishes, Casey

Oct 06, 2015
Oct 06, 2015

Dear PohChing,

I am so sorry to hear this! I have a friend who worked and lived in Beijing, China, and she had similar concerns; she would walk polluted, barely visible streets and complain of chest pains often. Absolutely criminal! I just cannot believe governments of countries who confront pollution issues often do not create lasting solutions to erradicate the problems; this is a huge issue with catastrophic implications...unbelieveable! I truly think what needs to happen is visible, persistant activism from the citizens (blogging, protests, petitions); have you thought of starting a advocacy chapter :)? Best of luck! Take care, Anesa