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Tan Ching
Posted September 24, 2015 from Singapore

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My path to becoming a feminist isn't one that starts because of my preferred choice from young. It wasn't too long when one of the achievement in life other than getting a tertiary education was to settle down with a family ( having a husband and a kid at least ). This dream tarnished with a divorce and I have since thrown this goal away. Marriage isn't a path all women must go through, we have a choice and one of my long-term goal to be always a loudspeaker to champion for women's rights. We are equal to men as we are fellow human beings. My experience is always something I can share with other women, nothing is like what you experienced yourself personally liability to be turned into the asset to aid me in my works and achieve more as an internet activist.

How I started my journey as internet activist. One of the first thing I did was to step up my presence on the internet. I improved on my profile on facebook, set up twitter, linkedin, instagram and google+ accounts. I also set up tumblr and wordpress accounts. So far, the two most often used accounts by me are my facebook and twitter accounts. I then also began following women's groups accounts in these social media to read up about stories of other women in other parts of the planet. So many have experienced far worse situations than me, being in war zones, domestic violence victims and being deprived of opprtunities in life like education pursuits etc. Why are women at many times being the victims? I wrote my piece of opinions in the comments pages. I wrote my stories as I joined these groups online, e.g. applying and being a Champion for UN Women Economic Empowerment, participating in tweet chats with Sayfty and signing online with Live Your Dreams....There are so many actions that I took and will continue to do. I also supported petitions online. I spread word around using my social media to advocate and to raise awareness, get people's attention that women's rights are important...hopefully to get policies to be amended to correct problems. International community's attention is just as important so that the local authority will also deem it to be as important and necessary to implement actions to close the gender gaps. I feedback in the local feedback forums ( Reach Singapore ) especially since the rates for annulment, separation and divorces here are becoming higher. The eroding values together with the lack of commitment is one of the cause of this social problem.

Sharing relevant articles and combining together with my opinions is also something that I did on my social accounts like tumblr, google+ and wordpress. There are so many limits as to what I can do on my own as a single individiual, ordinary citizen...People like me require support whether emotionally or to see that our efforts are seen...we are heard and that authorities are doing something and that they discuss with us and agree with us for all the works that need to be done to help women. Women are not tools to be used by men, we are fellow human beings and not just to be seen as childbearing machines and to raise children only. There are so many things we can do for humanity.

I believe my links through the voluntary and women's groups as well as my social network online can further enhance my cause to fight for gender equality as opportunities open up for more voluntary roles that I can take on. I will continue to do my work as a feminist writer and contributor. I will explore more chances available online to carry on my work in this lifetime for this movement.

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Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015

Dear PohChing,

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I felt inspired by your enthusiasm and passion to empower other women. What you are doing is so necessary and important-- I hope you see the value in your work and never stop!

"Women are not tools to be used by men." This statement was so powerful to me. I couldn't agree more with this mindset, and I hope to follow your lead and do my part to be a feminist as well.

Thank you for being an inspiration


Tan Ching
Sep 29, 2015
Sep 29, 2015

Thank you for your positive comments.

Oct 09, 2015
Oct 09, 2015

Hello PohChing,

I'm glad you have found a sense of power and healing from your work supporting awareness of women's rights. I appreciate the honesty with which you share your story.

I agree with Fumika's earlier comment that this statement is extremely powerful - "'Women are not tools to be used by men.' This statement was so powerful to me. I couldn't agree more with this mindset, and I hope to follow your lead and do my part to be a feminist as well."

It sounds like you are making steps in the right directon to raise awareness about these issues through your use of social media and blogging platforms and participating in movements like WorldPulse and the UN Women Economic Empowerment group. Keep connecting, sharing, and educating!