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About Me

I am a 35 years old Mexican woman living in the UAE, I work as a translator and content writer. I love to read, to write, to learn new things, music, art, meet interesting people, travel and know more about spirituality and self growth.

I consider myself vegetarian, I cannot stand animals suffering. I embrace Muslim, trying to find my path closer to God. I love philosophy, cinema, literature and music more than any other things to do, because I have to learn from it my entire life.

My Vision

Let's be empathic, we all went through similar situations, let's support each other's regardless our nationality, religion or age.


I am here to connect with other woman on my same feeling, situations or dreams. I just want to share experience and support other anyway.


I am a Content Creator, Copywriter, Social Media Manager and Spa Therapist. If I can help you or guide you on any situation, ask me!


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