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Build a collective of rural women with me

What I'm Leading

I am impacting women in Nagpur and Chandrapur districts of Maharashtra state by building a women’s collective. I work with rural women’s livelihood, leadership development and gender equality. My dream is to see every woman living  a happy and dignified life.

Who I'm Impacting

1000 women in 2 districts (approx)


About Me

I live and work in Nagpur region of Maharashtra state. I work on the Gandhian ideology of rural development which believes in the equality of men and women and that each individual has the potential for growth if given opportunities. Since 1998, I have been working with women farmers, with single women to advocate for their rights and to safeguard their entitlements, like succession rights, fair representation in decision-making bodies etc.

The organization I am associated with is called Prakriti. I worke extensively for Prakriti’s program to promote economic self-reliance of women through self-help groups (SHGs).

My Vision

A world without inequality


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