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Posted March 18, 2016 from Cameroon

You will love this. I say, you will love this! What is not to love about Fufu, Njama Njama (stir fried greens) and Kati Kati (burnt/grilled chicken)? This delicacy from Cameroon is the B.O.M.B. Trust me when I say traditional meals don't get any better than this.

The staple here is the Fufu which is made of corn flour. It is eaten with a kind of vegetable- garden huckleberry that is also called Njama Njama in Cameroon (scientific name:solanum scabrum). Then there is the star of the dish, the Kati Kati. This is burnt (or grilled) chicken that is chopped and cooked with palm oil. Deliciosio! (Errmm excuse my Spanish) I went to my brother-in-law's house and he was about to prepare this dish so I took over from him and decided to film it for YOU. Watch the video below then after the video, you'll find all three written recipes. Let's begin!

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Fufu Corn Recipe

Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total: 30 mins Serves: 4

Ingredients3 cups of corn flour 6 cups of water Utensils needed Wooden spoon or stick for 'turning' (stirring) the fufu

MethodPut water in a pot and bring to boil. While water is on the fire, mix half cup of corn flour with a cup of cool water. This will form a paste. When water boils, remove two cups of it and set aside. Pour the paste into the remaining water in the pot, stirring continuously (see video for more). It should get really thick. Now add in the remaining flour to the pot, stirring continuously in a circular motion. If it gets too hard, start moving the paste to the corner of the pot with your wooden spoon making sure the lumps are dissolved. When it is well mixed, add the water you kept aside and cover to cook for about 5-10 minutes. Now mix the fufu until everything is well incorporated. Scoop out and wrap in plastic wraps, sandwich bags, aluminium foil or warmed banana leaves.

Njama Njama Recipe

Two pounds ( about 1 kg) of huckleberry- fixed, boiled and cut (substitutes include kale and spinach) 6 tomatoes 1 large onion 3 small seasoning cubes (maggi) Salt to taste 1 cup of oil (vegetable oil or palm oil) 2 habanero peppers (optional)

MethodChop onions and tomatoes and set aside. Heat oil in a pot. Put in the chopped onions and let that fry for a while. Add in the tomatoes and let it cook until acidity is gone. Season with salt and maggi, then put in the vegetable and and stir properly. C'est fini!

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Sally maforchi Mboumien
Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016


Grassland delicacy you prepared there. I couldn't stop salivating. I think next time you could tell us the traditional importance of the food. I humbly propose that you could some time in future try to help women in the grassroots to do these delicacies for economic empowerment purposes.

Precious Nkeih
Mar 30, 2016
Mar 30, 2016

Your proposal is well noted, Masalien. I agree that the traditional significance of a meal is worthy of note. Thank you so much, sis!