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About Me

Hello world, say hello to the young girl who has lived the lives of ten women joined together. Am in my early twenties and with the experience I've garnered through the years, I have learnt that women must be strong, because the patriarchal society continually tries to silence her. Women must live above societal schisms and mould their own paths, women must also learn to stand up for themselves, hate is dark, love is fair...

I am passionate about advocating for the right of the girlchild whose voice is seldomly heard.

My Vision

My vision is for the girlchild to live in a world that keeps her safe and loved.

Women must make sure of this...


I would appreciate support from successful women in various fields under whose platforms my voice can be heard


I am an expert in Public Relations and advocacy campaigns...can draft compelling campaigns... And reach to the minds of people.


Education EqualityGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsHuman Rights for WomenWomen in Leadership