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About Me

Started when I was 22years old,a student in my 400 level,Studying urban and regional planning.I'm that girl who used to ask too much why? How? Growing up I could answer the questions myself,i will no longer ask why and how but try to help where I can, getting to know the struggle a girl child goes through in this part of the world, the pains,the decisions they don't want but have to take anyways. I'm just that girl who wants to be there for them who wants to reach out and help them back on their feet. Who wants to restore the pride of a girl child. I'm 25years old,now serving my country and the dream hasn't changed,so my team and I are working on getting it better and fulfilled.

My Vision

To restore the pride of the girl child,to guide those who have been victim of rape, sexual harrasment,teenage pregnancy to rise&live again.


Funds, mentors and companies ready to teach skills and empower the girls


Empowering GirlsGender-based Violence