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Kuby Idem
Posted October 4, 2017 from Nigeria
  1. Growing up as a girl child, I used to wonder about a lot of things,i used to ask a whole lot of Why? Why did she get pregnant at that age? How did it even happen and I just couldn't get enough response,some will say carelessness,others will see them as loose, The stigma attached to teenage pregnancy can ruin a girls chance of having a life again. Why will they take the risk? But then I got exposed to a whole new world, I could nolonger ask why? I was facing it, the struggle a girl child had to go through, I was living it, the sexual harassment, the humiliation and the men who just wait for you to be in need so they could take advantage of your situation. The choices a girl child had to make even when that is not what they want, some could fight it, some fell victims,but should we judge those who couldn't fight for a whole lot of reasons? I had answers to my many questions and I started trying toreach out to that girl child who is depressed, who thinks all hope is lost, who doesn't know how to pick up her broken pieces and live again, the is still light at the end of the tunnel.

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