Preparing Global Leaders Academy (PGLA 2015), August 24-30, Jordan

Preparing Global Leaders Foundation
Posted June 12, 2015 from Jordan
Delegates will also enjoy trips to the Dead Sea, Petra (one of the Seven Wonders of the world) and other sites in Jordan.

PGLA is an intensive one week program taking place in Amman, Jordan. Participants will benefit academically and socially as they work closely with other young leaders from around the world and build enduringrelationships. Students will join a distinguished faculty that includes PGLF founder Dr. Sam Potolicchio (Georgetown University, New York University, RANEPA) and Columbia University Professor Dr. Abdul El-Sayed. Dr. Potolicchio was named one of the "Best Professors in America" by the Princeton Review and the Future Leader of Higher Education by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. Dr. El-Sayed is a former Rhodes and Soros scholar and Global Governance Fellow. Delegates will listen to world-class professors, politicians, diplomats, and other distinguished speakers. They will also participate in a number of simulations including parliamentary, speech-making, diplomatic and business competitions. Delegates will also enjoy trips to the Dead Sea, Petra (one of the Seven Wonders of the world) and other sites in Jordan.

Applications are considered and decisions rendered on a rolling basis. We encourage students to apply as early as possible as many spaces will be filled prior to the July 1, 2015 deadline. Applying early will also allow students to book flights earlier and will allow more time to obtain a visa if necessary.

The tuition of PGLA is 1000 US dollars (USD). This fee includes lodging, 21 meals, transport within Jordan, Wadi Rum camping, Dead Sea events, and the certificate curriculum. Financial aid is available for delegates who cannot cover the full cost.

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Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015

The opportunity sounds very interesting and I am sure that selected delegates will enjoy a transformational experience which will dfinite result from the power packed events. I hope to draw the attention of a couple of students I know to the opening.

Thank you for sharing!