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About Me

My Beloved once planted a tree, to teach me the beauty of fragility.

Deep in the earth’s womb He placed me, the seed, and left me alone in the darkness.
When I sprouted roots, it hurt so much that I wept. “Why have you left me here, in wet dark dirt, when all I wanted was to be with You?”
He didn’t reply, for He was too busy enjoying my tantrum and cries.
How innocent and fragile we must look to Him, when we try to defy His Truth.
My roots grew strong and thick.
They anchored me into her, like a clingy lover. I thought that I was to remain that way, until I was ripped wide open.
Out of the carnage came my strong bark and again I thought He would let me be.

Just when I got comfortable, I grew tough branches and then sprouted blossoms and then finally bore fruit.
I had forgotten His Name, because it was written all over me. I was finally a beautiful creature.
Oh, how I loved to bask in the sun. Soon enough, grass and flowers formed my regal carpet and birds entertained me with their songs.

One day, they cut a part of me. I cried out, but no one heard.
No one but Him. He visited me and then I remembered His Face.
“How long has it been?” I asked Him.
“Just long enough!” He Chuckled.