My inspirational story

Priya verma
Posted February 17, 2011 from Canada
Writing is my passion since my childhood. I began to write for school when I was ten year of age and continued my work. While writing and going through various news reports I found that the due to over pumping of water for drinking, irrigation, domestic, commercial and agricultural use the underground water level of various states like Punjab, Haryana , Himachal Pradesh and other states of India is going down at an alarming rate which has created a serious threat to the underground water resources. Keeping in view of gravity of the situation I have innovated useful techniques of rainwater harvesting to increase the underground water resources which is useful to the entire world. The innovative techniques given in the project “Increasing Underground Water Resources” has been recognized by the Govt. of India, UNEP and organizations worldwide. The useful eco-friendly innovative techniques are Funnel System, Polythene cover System, Less Water for Plants-Growing plants in sand, gravel, liquid without adding soil, Pits/ recharge well system and other useful ideas in my project. These techniques/ ideas suggested in the project are universally applicable, globally novel, non-obvious, cost effective, eco-friendly, utilitarian and can be applied anywhere in the world to save precious underground water resources. Besides this I am a student, writer, innovator, artist, social worker, youth leader, change maker, role model and a state, national and international award holder in the field of environment protection and community service and working for the betterment of the world. I am a strong supporter of youth power and women empowerment. I am the founder of the non profit website and working for the cause of child, youth, woman and environment, I am the recipient of Diana award in 2009 and United Nations Outstanding Youth Achiever Award 2010 and “National Youth Award-2007” from Govt. of India and also received many other awards and honors for my outstanding work. I am a member and scholar of various international organizations. I have penned more than 1000 articles on youth, women, environmental and other burning issues of the society published in print and media and created awareness among the masses. I have been nominated for the International women’s day Award 2011 by and my nomination is posted in their website for public inspiration. The aim of writing this story is to inspire the young generation to create awareness in them to save our natural resources. ****************************

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