Empowering women through education and technology.

Priya verma
Posted August 9, 2016 from Canada
Victory of women empowerment
Women empowerment

Education is the key factor that impact the development and growth of a country. School, colleges and universities are active players in enriching and extending knowledge and understanding. Empowering women through education and technology is necessary to gender equality as our society is male dominated. It is necessary to understand women power and let them go ahead to make themselves independent. Education is essential to empower women with knowledge, skill and self-confidence. There are plenty of examples where girls outshine boys in many fields. Be it sports, health services or armed forces you can find girls at par with the men. Information technology has also changed the lives of women. Mobile phones , Internet, television and social media has increased their knowledge and understanding and brought a revolution in their daily life. These technologies are useful in their household life to professional life and bringing change in their lives. More and more schools and colleges should be established so that each and every child especially girl child should get quality education with modern technology. It is the duty of every parents to impart education to their children. The government and the society should provide cheap and good education to children’s specially girls child for their overall development and women empowerment. Only proper education and modern technology can improve their lives and reduce poverty, ill-health ignorance, inequality, economic and social discrimination, violence against women and other evils prevailing in the society.



Priya Verma

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