Violence continuelle à l'Est de la RDC

Nzigire Prudence
Posted October 15, 2012 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ici à l'Est de la RDC précisément à Bukavu, Il y a un homme qui a violé sa fille de 8 ans. en lui interrogeant il a dit qu'on lui a demandé chez satan la virginité d'une fille de 8 à 10 ans. Maintenant il a cherché partout il n'a pas trouvé c'est pourquoi il a violé sa fille. On ne sait pas quoi faire dans cette situation.

Merci mes amies.

Perpetual Violecence in the east of the DRC

English translation by PulseWire member saskia

Here to the east of the DRC specifically in Bukavu, there is a man who raped his 8 year old daughter. While interrogating him he said that Satan asked him for the virginity of a girl between 8 and 10 years old. He searched everywhere but didn’t find anyone and that is why he raped his daughter. We have no idea what to do in these situations.

Thank you my friends.

Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

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Barbara Bracewell
Dec 24, 2012
Dec 24, 2012

Situations like these are so heinous that they are beyond description and comprehension. Even though I am rendered practically speechless, I am so utterly appalled at what this man did to his own little girl nonetheless. He is a monster who is not fit to live among decent human beings. I pray that this young girl finds solace and love from caring family members and the community as a whole. He needs to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law otherwise there is no doubt in my mind that he will repeat this horrible crime at the least possible opportunity. Thanks for your focus on this difficult topic.