PulseWire Feature Updates: December 13, 2007

PulseWire Team
Posted December 13, 2007

Dear PulseWire Users,

We have recently made the following changes to our user profile feature that may affect how information is displayed on your PulseWire profile.

To make changes to your profile information, please navigate to your PulseWire MyVoice page, [http://beta.pulsewire.net/myvoice] and select the Edit Profile tab. Don't forget to submit your new settings when you're finished make your changes permanent!

  1. For now we are limiting the number of links you can include on your profile to two. If you included more than two links in the “Other Sites I Like” field, those additional links will no longer appear. For a few of you, this means that your additional links will no longer be visible. We do encourage you to display your links throughout the site, though!

  2. ‘Global’ will no longer appear as a country option. If you see 'Select One' displayed next to your username, you did not choose a country when you registered. Please visit the edit profile page and choose a country. Your flag will appear on your profile with your user information, showing the community where you live and/or work.

  3. We have removed the following fields from the user profile:

    My causes My inspirations

Information that was entered in those fields will no longer be visible. However, ‘My Passions,’ ‘My Challenges,’ ‘My Vision for the Future’ and ‘My Areas of Expertise’ are all still options for you to fill out.

  1. Please note that if the remaining fields held more than 255 characters, any text over that length will be lost. Please edit your information to reflect this new limit. Again these fields can be modified by choosing 'Edit Profile' from the PulseWire Tools box.

These changes were made as part of an ongoing effort to make the PulseWire as user-friendly as possible. If you have questions or comments regarding these changes, please contact Maria Jett, our Online Community Manager, at [email protected].

Thank you,

The PulseWire Team

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