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About Me

I was born in India and emigrated to Canada when I was 21 years old. I am passionate about the environment, peace, justice, and equality. As a conservation biologist in Canada I work on wildlife conservation and wetland restoration/creation. However, I have joined the World Pulse community to make changes in my birth country of India. I am part of the disturbing childhood sexual abuse and incest statistic in India where over 50% of children suffer some form of sexual abuse. I want to ensure that fellow childhood sexual abuse survivors in India have the same support and legal resources as my fellow Canadian survivors.

My Vision

A just peaceful egalitarian and economically sustainable human society that is nurtured within a thriving vibrant global ecosystem


I am looking for collaborators to help me make changes to the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act in India


I can provide expertise in environmental issues and conservation biology. I can provide support for gender based violence issues.


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