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Greetings from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. My name is Santina , it means "little Saint". I am a seeker for peace and truth, an explorer of possibilities and new experience and Angel of compassion an service who is passionate about insight and growth, I ignite inspiration and impact. I am also a trusted advisor, a loyal friend, a mother of a genius and a follower of Christ. Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed Uterine Fibroids , that moment took me on a journey I would never forget. Since then I have dedicated my life to bringing awareness to Uterine fibroids and the debilitating effect it has on women and also educating women on finding alternatives to hysterectomy in an attempt to thereby lessen the numbers of needless hysterectomies perform on women with gynecological problems each year in the Bahamas and other third world countries. I hope to speak with women coping with these issues and hopefully provide some comfort through my organization Wombs Of Promise. Join me on this wonderful journey as I seek to preserve the gate of Life. Helping women to improve their self image . Cause Marketing & Sponsorhip Consulting, Special Event Planning, New Business Development, Beauty Consulting


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