Posted July 8, 2019 from Zimbabwe

I left Zimbabwe in 2004 to pursue  a Bachelor of arts Degree in South Africa. little did i know that i was going to receive more that my fair share of education.   My country was going through its usually political Drama, money was tight and to say i had to work my way through uni is an understatement. After 4 years i graduated. My Leadership journey really began in 2007 when  i was chosen to be the ISO President   ( international students organizations) .

i made so many friend from around Africa. I suddenly realized that what i thought were major problems in my Home country was nothing compared to the horrors and hardships that my fellow mates where dealing with .  BEING in a foreign country teaches you to be humble.  it opens you to knew cultural experiences some of which you can never realy prepare for..   

in my years in South Africa  i went through it all.    i was mocked, interrogated, beat up , ridiculed.   i was appreciated, respected,  awarded, motivated , supported.   I fell in love , then fell out of love.  I made friends and that by far is what kept me going.     i connected with women from fellow African countries who reminded me that  i am strong, wise and resourceful.

i learnt that to be a Leader you sometimes need to follow.

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Oluwatoyin Olabisi
Jul 08
Jul 08

Yes to be a leader also means you gotta take a lot of shit. Please follow me.

Tamarack Verrall
Jul 08
Jul 08

You have been through so much, and learned so much. It is heartening that despite the extreme negatives there have been lasting much stronger positives. This speaks volumes about who you are. All the best on your journey, I look forward to more news as you continue. A big welcome to World Pulse.

Jill Langhus
Jul 08
Jul 08

Hi Pyda,

Welcome to World Pulse:-)

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life. I agree about visiting others countries making a person humble. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you're passionate about, and what your goals and work are.

Hope you have a great week!

I am moved by your story. All the challenges only made you stronger. Best wishes

Hello, Pyda,

Wow. How brave of you to move to another country to pursue your college degree! Thank you for sharing your growth process on that season of your life.

You are a great leader. I believe that you will have more doors of opportunity because of what you’ve gone through and the lessons you bring with you.

Welcome to World Pulse! Please visit our Resources Page from time to time to check opportonities that fit you.

Thanks for sharing! Hoping to read more from you.

Tola Makinde
Jul 09
Jul 09

Welcome PYDA,

You have a balanced life and you are on yout way to greatness still.
Keep soaring

Jul 12
Jul 12

Hi dear, that was quite a rough experience I suppose. So glad you made it with endurance. Thanks for the experience.

Beth Lacey
Jul 16
Jul 16

This experience will stay with you forever

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is truly inspirational and moving and am glad that you have seen the world and allowed it to mold you. Thank you and i am sure you will be an exceptional leader.
Have a lovely day.