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About Me

I'm an actor who has a passion to bring to the lime light the plight of the African girl child through Movie and story writing. Growing up in the rural areas of Africa is really a challenge. Changes on the body of the girl child comes with a lot of challenges from home, school and community and as such, the girl child grows up with a lot of intimidation and frustration just because of her sex. This makes most of them to hate themselves and have a lot of low self esteem. It affects them morally and psychologically and this leads to high levels of drop out amongst the girl child from school. Thus, they are not empowered to tackle their futures.

My Vision

My vision is to help the girl child understand the physical changes her body will undergo and cope with it with her head held high.


I need women with whom I can partner and support provide Sanitory pads to girls in rural areas, give them health talks on sensitive topics.


I can support the works of others by being a motivational speaker.


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