QSV kids project fundraiser 2016!

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Posted February 5, 2016 from Senegal
How can you help? There are three ways to give to Queen Sheba Village 1. Write a check or money order made to Queen Sheba Village, Inc and mail to P O Box 1815 Landover, Maryland 20785. 2. Make a donation @ www.queenshebavillage.org-QSV accepts Paypal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. 3. Thank you.

Senegalese children suffer the most severe deprivation in matters of housing and education; in rural areas and in families where the head of the household has little or no education and health concerns are often worse. Despite progress, poverty remains high, particularly in rural areas and children are more greatly affected by poverty than other segments of the population. Babe Zoey for QSV kids has initiated a project to raise funds for children to assist in everyday entitled needs for every day education and hygiene.

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Soumya Vilekar
Feb 05, 2016
Feb 05, 2016

Dear Cisse,

It is a great effort and cause which shall revive the life and progress of senegalese children. Hope the plight and condition of these innocents change and improve with the help of the rest of the world.



Community Champion

(Leadership Group)

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Feb 08, 2016
Feb 08, 2016

With appreciation,

Thank you Soumya.

Queen S Cisse,

QSV, Inc