It's all Balanced

QuratulAin Minhas
Posted July 22, 2020 from Pakistan

Sadness gives depth, happiness gives hight. Sadness gives root, happiness gives branches. Happiness is like tree growing into sky and sadness is like the roots growing down into the womb of earth .Both are needed , and higher a tree grows the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree the bigger will be its roots. Infact, it's always in proportion. That's its balance

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Jul 23
Jul 23

Thank you for sharing.

Jul 23
Jul 23

Hello Minhas,
Hope you are doing great today.
Thank you for this short but reflective piece on why balance is essential in life.
With love,

Hello, Quratulain,

Your post reminds me that life is a roller coaster ride. We have highs and lows. Thanks for this lovely reminder of balance.

Jul 23
Jul 23

What an interestingly positive outlook of life. Thank you for sharing

Shirin Dalaki
Jul 25
Jul 25

Hello dear,

I like your perspective on balance. It makes total sense and shows how balanced you are.
Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us.

Nini Mappo
Jul 29
Jul 29

'sadness gives depth' reminds me of how grieving something is part of giving it value, and also discovering what it meant to us.

Thank you for sharing your perspectives.