QuratulAin Minhas
Posted January 5, 2021 from Pakistan

Don't find wrong ways to avoid your problems. Make yourself feel proud of you to handle the problems wisely and patiently. Wait for time isn't waste of time always. We don't know anything and best time for anything. If you can't wait for things. Learn how to wait with patient first then try to fix problems. Seek Allah's help, keep trying to fix and wait for the achievement. It's not necessary to get the same achievement what you had pland. In journey of a single goal you get so many achievements, rather more praiseworthy achievements. stop looking the goal only, consider the whole journey. Journey is itself a collective achievement. 

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Jan 05
Jan 05

Hello Sister,
I like the way you think. Also small steps toward the whole journey is all we really have anyway. We have to get there one step at a time. The steps are the journey. Each step is a mystery until it unfolds. And small steps at a time are achievable. The big picture is our dream, but we don't know the reality until we actually arrive. Enjoy the journey, one step at a time. It's nice to meet sister.

Hello, Qurantulan,

Lovely message! It reminds of having an "attitude of gratitude", to be grateful to the process, the journey, no matter how long it takes to the desired destination. The journey itself is the collective achievement. Wow. I love that!

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. What a great reflection to start this year.

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