Grow your own rights

QuratulAin Minhas
Posted March 28, 2021 from Pakistan

There is no doubt that women are enemies of women. If a woman raise a boy in form of a 'good man' he won't disrespect anyone's right. Instead of asking for rights we need to grow our rights. We need to respect our rights. We need to show strength in making opportunities for women. We need to identify the difference between wrong and right instead of the difference between genders.

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Nini Mappo
Mar 29
Mar 29

Hello Quratulain,
Yes there are women who pull other women down, and sabotage our own progress. So as you observe, it is crucial to support each other, just as World Pulse is supporting all of us. Thank you for being a woman who supports other women. We need more women like you in this world and I am happy to know that you are spreading this message of standing together.