Awakening My Multi-Dimensional Self Sovereignty

Queen Hollins
Posted March 9, 2017 from United States
Honoring Our Ocean Waters
Honoring Our Ocean Waters (1/4)

My name is Queen Hollins and I am an Earth Stewart and it is an honor to be writing this as the Spring Equinox approaches :).

Connecting deeply with Mama Earth/Nature hasbeen the container to supportmy overall mental wellness to thrive throughoutthis journey in my 57 years as an incarnate woman being on this planet. It has been my #1 tool of self care throughout my entire life starting back to teenage-hood when my late Mississippi (USA) born grandmother often had me dig holes in the earth in which to sit to balance my anger at the world around me as a child born intothe racist Southern climateof the 1950's. She let Mama Nature absorb and re-balance my angerinstead of spanking me. Over 45 years later, I still live by these early principles my grandmother taught me. I spend my days sharingin various communities, locally and internationally, teaching about the most powerful self caremedicineI've ever found;the power of connecting deeply with nature and her wisdom medicine to balance and heal ourselves.

The Earth has absorbed my tears of sadness and anger over the Alzheimer's diagnosis of my best friend, my mother. I have yelled my frustration into the ocean over the mental and emotional changes of men(womyn)-opause and the fight over clean water access. And I have howled my joy into the moon over the birth of my daughter and grandchildren and the expansion of the Earthlodge community. Connecting deeply with Nature has allowed me remember who I am and to care for myself. Nature has brought me back to center from all of my life's greatest trials and seasons of growth! Each deep encounter with Mama Nature/Earth hasleftme a changed woman and I want to share to share this magic with the World Pulse community as well!

And even in today's tumultuous political and resource access environments, I continue to find ultimate peace, continuity and healing in all things Mama Nature. There is a grave sense of separation among human beings on our planet. We have compartmentalized ourselves to the point where we no longer feel the pain of our sisters and brothers and animalsaround the globe. We think it is separate and have misplaced our ability to be compassionate and our ability to act when we see another being hurting or in need. Nature reminds us that we are the elements themselves and that makes us all connected! We cannot livewithout water, air, fire or earth, so when we connect with nature we are reminded of our oneness and it allows us an opportunity to return to our humanity.

Studying, learning and embodying her mysteries is a crowning jewel of my life and connecting with herherbs soothing and healing medicines, having myhands and feet in the soil/dirt, planting and stewardingmy garden, gathering community each season to work the land community style, meditating in nature, creating nature bouquets, sharing nature teachings on social media and holding nature reverent ceremony and ritual at the Earthlodge Center for Transformation (my family home converted partially to a spiritual botanical sanctuary for my queer, womyn, children and feminine power rising allycommunities) have all brought me deeper into her mysteries. And my life's mission continues to me share these mysteries with the world!

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Thank you so much and Blessings,

Queen Hollins

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Jill Langhus
Mar 10, 2017
Mar 10, 2017

Hi Queen Hollins. Thanks for sharing your passionate video, work, website and FB page. I love your passion for not only nature but life itself:-)

Della Rae
Apr 12, 2017
Apr 12, 2017

Beautiful Queen ~ Each week our team here at WP Headquarters shares out a story of our choosing.  Your writing inspired me in many ways: channeling, love for your mother, and more specifically our "grave sense of separation among human beings"...this alone is a missing piece of our wholeness. Thank you, be well and I look forward to more.

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 02, 2018
Mar 02, 2018

Dear Sister,

Here it is almost a year after you sent this message out, and I have found it as we approach yet another International Women's Day. Your teachings resonate deeply in my heart and as always, remind me to stay closely in touch with our beloved Earth, and by doing so stay strong and balanced myself. 

Much love in Sisterhood,


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