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Struggling Razia

Rabia Mushtaq
Posted April 10, 2015 from Pakistan
Expired on June 23, 2015
I am mother of six daughters and have regret about it .
we are seven
we are seven (1/3)

A story of strong woman facing hurdles, obstacles, hardship in her life. A mother of 6 daughters and wife of drugs addicted husband who is not happy on her giving birth to only female gender and showing hatred towards his wife and all daughters. it is only because he wants boy. He himself not able enough to fulfill all requirements of his daughters like cloths, expenses of education and other facilities. That is why he is not willing ti educate his daughters. He think that when these girls will grown up they just have to get marry and they just have to give birth to child for their husband. But Razia want to educate his six girls and she does not want to give six Razia's to future. She wants to make her daughters independent. She works day and night to earn more money to educate her daughters. She is using her talent of sewing cloths, working as house maid where she does cleaning, washing cloths, cooking and many other things which can add more money for her household and girls education and pathetic situation is that she is living in rented house that is why she has to work hard but some of the time her husband snatch money to buy drugs for himself. Farry is the eldest 15 years old girl and studying in grade 9. Razia is expecting Farry to become nurse as it is highly paying skill in Pakistan and all the world but it requires money, Farry is not the only one Razia has to feed other 5 daughters as well. If you want to promote her daughter's education so be the helping hand of Mrs. Razia because it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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