Not god but society

Posted May 15, 2019


In India religion is attached to all aspects, and off course periods are not left unattached. We grew up being told that u cannot touch anywhere I mean kitchen, prayer house etc.

I often wondered why something giving by god can be banned by him

Why give it in the first place?

Slowly as I understood the reproductive cycle I realized that these laws were made in olden days to protect womens helth as the families were large.

Today if I can work 24 hours in all fields then why I can't worship god.

I gor my answers and I started going to the temples and I realized that many devotees didn't even say they had periods. No one is jobless to ask every woman entering the premises. 

God will not punish you for being the creator of new life. I broke all traditions and I also taught my sons that u need to respect woman and understand what periods are how they happen and they are not a curse nor to be shunned but they are to be understood with mood swings also.

Today my sons help me when I Suffer from PMS and also buy my sanitary napkins for me.



This story was submitted in response to Menstruation Matters.

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Hannah B
May 16
May 16

Hi Radhaa,
Thank you for sharing your story with us!
I think it's wonderful that you have taught your sons to understand periods and respect what women experience.
I hope you will keep sharing your stories with World Pulse!
Kind regards,

Jill Langhus
May 16
May 16

Hi Radhaa,

Welcome to World Pulse! That's awesome that women are going to the temples regardless of having their periods... silent revolt... love it! It's also great that your sons are being educated and aware of menstruation, too, so that they can be more sensitive and knowledgeable in this area for their futures. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

Hope you have a great day!

May 16
May 16

I relate to your story. "You are dirty, not pure, unclean" and what of you. We are non of the above. Thanks for sharing your story. :-)

Corine Milano
May 16
May 16

Thank you for this, Radhaa, and for teaching your sons about menstruation. This line is especially powerful: "God will not punish you for being the creator of new life". Agreed!!

Beth Lacey
May 22
May 22

Your sons are lucky to have you as a mother

Hello, Radhaa,

I agree with you. I'm glad you taught your sons about periods and they help you when you have one.

Yes, I agree, God created women to menstruate, why would He banish them during this monthly visit? I guess it's the ignorance of the olden times that they do not understand where the blood is coming from. Good thing science explained it all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Khai Jhoei
Jun 03
Jun 03

Hi Radhaa,

Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to World Pulse. Continue to be brave for raising your children to understand the wholeness of a woman. All respect to you.

Mikaela Kate
Jun 07
Jun 07

"Not god but human curses the periods"
Brilliant thinking, Radhaa. Thank you for writing and helping people see that to be a bleeding woman is not a dirty thing and that we will be better off as a society when speaking openly about our menstruation is normal.
I also taught my son to respect a womans body, her flow and her opinions. He is a good man! Im so glad your sons help you. what a world we create , together!
Much love to you
Mikaela kate

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