Celebrating Women thru the Path of Creativity

Rachel Payne
Posted March 8, 2012 from United States
mandala (1/1)

I have been waiting for International Women's Day. I have been letting it tumble around in my mind and found it finally resting in my heart. It is a big day with a focus that takes our minds off ourselves and onto the other. Connecting with the purpose and potential of this celebration has been powerful for me today in a way that it hasn't necessarily been in years past. I experienced a simultaneous focus inward and outward.

My celebration started with my mother and her struggle to find self-love in this lifetime. When I was done exploring, I realized that her courage to create, to express herself through art, had taught me a valuable lesson in transformation that I now strive to share with the world.

I invite you to my celebration, to my big ah-ha. I invite you to explore a growing community of creative spirits who are joining together in the Creativity Tribe.




International Women's Day 2012

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