Rahel Randy
Posted June 20, 2019 from Cameroon
Rahel Randy
My secondary Education Journey.

My SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION was something I looked up too as i walked through the corridors of primary education. I was a very brilliant pupil growing up with my grandmother in a rural community at the time. I so much wished and longed to get into college with everything that could make my study easy and interesting then there comes the ugly news of my mom's death. My mom who had traveled to a nearby country for so many years only returned very sick and finally died some days to my getting into college. I was heart broken I had alot of challenges with my primary education, when it came  to tution and study materials.  I knew my mom's return will make my secondary education easier but that was not it. All in all, I got admission into one of the dormitory colleges and I was excited to start leaving in the dormitory, my dad who has remarried send money for my tution and all that I needed. I was so happy and my first day in college was super sweet as I made new friends and started leaving my secondary school dreams. I did very well in the first three years and I was even given  scholarships of 50$ each every academic year. Before I could finish form three my dad changed for reasons I don't know till date school life became difficult for me I had nothing each academic I practically went to school with nothing most times if I made it big grandmother gives me 2$ that's 1000frs CFA that could not even buy my exercise books for the academic year. My dad sends part of  my tution and the rest was always a problem each time in class I was never having books talk less of text books, I was always the last to have any study materials atimes I will be beaten by my teachers and sent out of classroom it went on like that till I got to form five when I was to write the GCE ordinary levels. This was my worst class I had dropped in my studies, I became depressed i spent most of my time in the college chapel crying and asking Jesus what i did to come out from such a poor home, why me and many thoughts cross my mind, friends started introducing me to men so I could sleep around for money to buy study materials and little toiletries that I needed for myself. It was hard for me because I have never thought or done such then I decided to follow one of my friends to a man's place and act as she instructed when I got there she whispered to me not to be afraid, she started  telling me how nice the man was and how he will give me  all I needed if only I could have sex with him. I was still trembling and all hell let loose when he tried touching me after my friend left. I started crying seriously until I developed a very high fever instantly the young man was confused then he rushed out and got me drugs yet no change. I was afraid and so tensed then he calmly told me ' I won't touch you is ok just tell me what you want I will do it' I became relaxed and told him to take me back to school he said it was late and I could only go the next day I insisted and he said 'ok' reluctantly and took me to the school gate and left me there then I got into the campus and went straight to my bed I cried all night why will I have to sleep with a man for school supplies noooo! I kept Managing, today am chased out for tution, tomorrow am beating for books and all those ups and downs till I finally got to the day of the GCE. The authorities told us months before that all those who have not completed their fees won't seat for the exams, I knew very well  i was going to be in that list i tried calling my dad who lived in one of the major cities in Cameroon he never picked my call when he picks he will tell me he is BUSY with work and that  he will call back but  he never did on till that faithful day of the exams when we were to start with commerce paper one I had developed so many sicknesses and even a skin or finger pain my right hand was swollen some called it witchcraft others said its "whitlow" I could not hold a pen firm the pains were too much I spend sleepless nights crying no money to go to the hospital then when I managed to get to the classroom that morning for my exams I was the only student that didn't have a question paper on my table and when I asked the examiner told me to go finish up things with the burser, before she could finish the word burser I was already in tears coupled with the pains from my 'witlow' swollen fingers and hand. I rushed to the burser's office it was firmly locked, rushed to the principal's office same story I rushed back to explain to the examiner she said she was working on instructions, I didn't give up I rushed to my village on foot running to go call my grand mom on getting there she had gone to the farm, I met one of my uncles who was dressed to go to the farm I begged him to come sign an undertaking in school so that they can allow me write my GCE  exams he said ok that I should go he is coming, I ran back to school covering kilometers and when I got there my mates were writing I watched them from the window crying then the examiner asked me to leave the window I was ashamed, confused and completely worn out as I waited for my uncle to  no avail, I still ran back to the village on getting home I was told by a neighbor that he had gone to the FARM as the whole house was locked with only the hen and cocks hovering around. I screamed and cried yet no one could help me. My dad's number was not going through, I had no money to call him in a phone booth besides all the phone booths were in the city and my school was very far from the city. Then I kept crying and ruuning back to school as i saw myself repeating Form five. When i got to the campus i looked for a nearby mango tree sat there and continued crying i had developed severe and acute fever then one of my teachers who is now of late dropped from a taxi and saw me and asked why I was out crying, I was so in tears I couldn't talk he took me to the class the exams were almost over as some students were already out. He spoke with the examiner i don't know what he said i only saw the examiner giving me a paper and she asked me to seat and be fast because its almost time to close the said subject. With the fever and finger pains I wrote so fast and in tears and within 15 minutes I answered almost all the questions and when I heard stopped I folded my answer sheet and gave to the examiner and left for the domitory. I told myself I have been heard and given hope to write this exams by a teacher then he has seen something in me, he believes in me I will make him proud when all was said and done the results were out and I had 7papers including commerce with a B grade out of the 10subjects I went in for. That's one of the reasons I launched the Rahel Randy Foundation project to build a tuition free college for girls where no one will ask them for tution, where no one will make them cry before writing their exams. No matter what we go through in life let's just be positive and determine always. The me who could not afford 20.000frs tution is paying tution for girls today and advocating for them.

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