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About Me

I can't really pin-point the moment I became a feminist. I feel like it is in my blood, but it also rests in history, my experiences, my environment, and my refusal to even entertain the idea that I am of the weaker sex. I come from a country where women have played a pivotal role in liberation and independence despite the many cultural aspects that categorized them as 2nd rate citizens. It is this 'hidri' that drives me to play my part in the movement for women rights. There isn't a single English word that can translate to mean 'hidri'. Hidri means a responsibility to carry the great legacy of our fore fathers/mothers, something like a promise. Legacy is something you inherit and can’t avoid, whereas ‘hidri’ is something that is passed on with full knowledge. Especially when it comes to the Eritrean women’s movement, I recognize this ‘hidri’.

I am particularly interested in peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa, postcolonial feminism, and gender-just peace.

My Vision

A strong, united, committed and conscious youth contributing significantly to a peaceful, stable and developed Horn of Africa


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