World Pulse Ambassador Orientation

Rahmana Karuna
Posted February 28, 2019 from United States
Rahmana on a sunny day in Oregon
Rahmana and her hens
Rahmana and her hens: We are all connected. (1/1)

Thank you so very much World Pulse!!!

Jensine, Stella, Corine, Krizelle, Dawn, and the 35 women who were just on Zoom video chat to learn how and what it means to be Ambassadors for World Pulse. I feel so honored and humbled. Connecting with women around the world for an HOUR!!! Listening to well articulated and laid out plan to help WP rise women's voices around the globe. Thank you for leading the way women!!!! I am inspired. And Motivated. Please Community, help me keep the wave rolling through inspiration and motivation for the discipline to sit at computer and type, download photos, videos, and make it all happen!!!

I was in tears listening to Jensine close the circle with this:



Let us be a loudspeaker for women of the world.

Let us call forth voice where before there was silence.

Let us stand back while they speak up, for their words are so beautiful they need no adornment.

Let us be their platform, their forum, their safe haven, their sanctuary, an amplifier no one can ignore.

For we believe every human voice has the right to be heard.

We believe every human being has the fundamental right to be connected to the world.

And that because the world is what we make of it, let us create a world where women are not merely free, but empowered so greatly as to be unstoppable.

A world where each woman can transform her life and the lives of those around her, simply by raising her voice.

One voice at a time, millions of voices strong. Until the sound is so deafening, the whole world will hear their music.

This is the pulse that transforms the world.  

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Jill Langhus
Mar 01, 2019
Mar 01, 2019

Hi Rahmana,

Thanks for sharing your uplifting post. Congrats on becoming an Ambassador! You can do, and we can all do it, together:-)

I agree that Jensine's poem was unbelievably moving. I think all of us sisters were choked up, or in tears. It was an amazing moment to behold. I also felt very honored and humbled to be part of this amazing circle of powerful, trailblazers.

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing what you create through your Ambassadorship:-)

Hope you have a great day!

Tola Makinde
Mar 01, 2019
Mar 01, 2019

Thanks for sharing, it feels great to be here

Dawn Arteaga
Mar 04, 2019
Mar 04, 2019

thanks so much for sharing this - I was also in tears when Jensine read that poem/anthem! I really hope someone can set that to music so we can all sing it together next time! And for anyone reading this who wants more information on becoming a World Pulse Ambassador during the next round, we'd love to have you! Here's the link to more info - the next round of applications will open in August/September timeframe.

Mar 06, 2019
Mar 06, 2019

Hey Rahmana i am sure it was really amazing. i logged in when the orientation was rounding up. never mind we will meet again soonest. so do not give up. go out there and get more women connected to the world pulse community. i know you can do it and so shall I and the other ambassadors. YES WE CAN.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Mar 23, 2019
Mar 23, 2019

Hello, Sister Rahmana,

I share your joy when I was on that videocall. I too was in tears when Jensine read The Soul of World Pulse.

We’re all on this together to connect nore women on this online sisterhood and encourage sisters who posts their stories.

Thanks for sharing!

Eunice Owino
Sep 28, 2019
Sep 28, 2019

Awesome write-up from our Mama Earth Jensine. Indeed the pulse transforms the world.

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