Women and Development.

Raja Ahmed
Posted April 20, 2019 from Bangladesh

The term Development has become a worldwide concern as all States are putting more emphasis for their own interests. Development can take many forms as it has a wider meaning at present era. However, the main concentration of this article is women and development. Present world is going to be more capitalist with increasing inequalities that exist around the world's environment. In third world countries like Bangladesh, Women are considered as most vulnerable in social, political, economic and also administrative areas as many obstacles hinder their advancement towards their development. After the second world war, world's people were giving much more attention on women issues, men saw and felt women's subordinate positions to men in many countries. The inheritance discriminatory behaviours that reduce status and significance of women are still in existence. There were held four international conferences on women that sought to reduce and improve discrimination against women and status of women. in 1979 United nation promulgated the CEDAW which is called the bill of women that discusseses particularly to women issues and identified twelve critical issues that are related to overall development of women and through these conferences other countries are said for making special organs for women and legislative measures for them. However, despite such tremendous programs the world has failed for improvement of women status in many countries. However, in connection to CEDAW and world conferences Bangladesh government has made many changes in its state mechanism but yet result stays far from satisfactory. Women are still lagging behind due patriarchy, lack of education, proper financial support and also for societal backwardness. According cultural dimension, Bangladesh is high power distance society this indicates male's domination in everywhere. Bangladeshi society is also collectivist society where people think of their society family and community. These cultural dimensions state that women representations in economic, political, and  administrative sectors are a few because of high power distance and collectivist society. If BangladeshI societies were individualistic and low power distance society then women representation would improve. other discussions such as socialist feminism speak about class and capitalism and socialist advocates speak if capitalism and class in the society are abolished then inequality will lessen, women position would improve. on the contrary, liberal feminism says that if women get equal rights in politics and administration then they can be empowered. So these are the issues.

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Jill Langhus
Apr 21
Apr 21

Hi Raja,

Welcome to World Pulse. Thanks for sharing your informative, first story. Where do you stand on this issue? What are you passionate about? I personally vote for empowerment all the way:-)

Hope you're having a good day!

Apr 21
Apr 21

I think you would like to start creating awareness with the like minded

Kadidia Doumbia
May 31
May 31

Dear Raja,
Changes take time and Education.
We need to start educating women about their rights and explaining their values to the society.
We are nowhere yet, the battle has not started and it will be forever but it will be worth.