The bad Gender Game - Women Empowerment

Rajashri Rajashekhar
Posted March 29, 2021

I have been part of multiple forums and a board director or an advisory board on many organisations in India. Women Empowerment has become a new gender game and a new concept where women are elevated to a level where they are showered with positions, platforms, money and a lot of visibility. However, it is done by the same men who once upon a time were denying freedom to women, harassing them or stopping their growth. 

The new Gender Game has a new way of elevating the status of these men in society by showcasing that they are supporting women, it creates an image of a new man who is helping women see the newer world of freedom. The journey starts by creating platforms, inviting all accomplished women who have worked hard through their journey, accumulated status and power, giving them awards, showcasing their talent and making them sit on a pedestal. This leads to a lot of women going after such a man /men who are distributing the power and giving the status. It is building the new conflict amongst women to be in the best books of the one who is distributing the power. The unity, sisterhood and woman leadership is missing. Women supporting women and building the support by women for women is missing. Such men are driving everything in a masculine way with competition, ego, comparison, power and using women to progress their agenda or goals. The same old story in a new bottle looks beautiful until you see a lack of sisterhood, long term goals for women. 

I hope women look beyond such men and support the sisterhood


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Mar 29
Mar 29

Dear Rajashri,
Unfortunately these types of men are very divisive in driving a wedge between women. And what is even more unfortunate is that women eat the bait that is thrown at them. It would be a better scenario if those male organizations let go of the reigns and gave the funding and power to women to award and uplift other women. Instead of men taking the credit and receiving all the accolades for women's achievements. Perhaps this is the next step. He should pay for the party, but not attend so to speak. This exists on many levels in the world. Wealthy for poor, privileged caucasians for underprivileged minorities, and the list goes on. The underlying intentions are not good, so how can the outcome ever be great?
Thank you for sharing this sister. I'm so glad I stopped by. Your colorful photo is awesome.

Rajashri Rajashekhar

Thank you, Sister, it's true. we are emotional and loving creatures and the trap is open. women are falling into it in a row.
Love and hugs

Beth Lacey
Mar 30
Mar 30

I totally agree with you!

Rajashri Rajashekhar

Thank you Beth

Dear Rajashri,

Thank you for writing about unity within the sisterhood.

I couldn't agree with you more and your below words echo my journey and life experiences perfectly.

'The unity, sisterhood and woman leadership is missing.
Women supporting women and building the support by women for women is missing.'

There are very few women in society, your intimate social circle and your family who will fight your corner, encourage and nurture you.

If you do find those women hold on to them and cherish them.

Take care
Peace and blessings

Rajashri Rajashekhar

Dear Sabeena,
very true and one of the critical aspects of this forum is preserving the sisterhood and encouraging each other, raising the voice.
Thank you sister
Rajashri Rajashekhar