Culture is no one's business

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted March 13, 2017 from Pakistan

To the respected, but judgmental brothers of my community!

I do not know where exactly your problem lies, and I don't know what exactly bothers you with our way of life, and then most importantly, I do not know why is that I am very much important to every one of you to discuss about what I share, what I blog post and what opinions do I carry. I thought a lot but could in now ways comprehend what makes you think that liberal girls, by liberal I mean those girls who have opinions, those girls who are independent, those girls who question things and critically think, and those girls who are doing better in any fields of life be it education. social circle and living their personal life ,way better than any other guy of their age could do, cannot be accepted in any society, particularly in their society. I wonder what is it that make you think that the term liberal girls is a slang and those individuals who falls in the criteria of "liberal girls" are in no way good girls. i don't know how and in what terms you define being a "good girl" in. What is it that bothers you so much with my blog and face book posts. What norms are you talking about that liberal girls lag in them. For example those who have issues with me being a Chitrali, I am very respectful to anyone regardless of gender, I am loving to kids and willing to help in all best possible way I could. I am not at all judgmental towards anyone, I have a great respect for my people and my culture except the part that I find discriminatory in gender, I have positive thoughts and plans to work for the betterment of my place in future, I am very tolerant towards people's opinion, their understanding and way of life.Now tell me what do we lag in us that make you think we are unfit for your culture and most importantly make us characterless?

Coming towards our fields of study that is Liberal arts, we get to study about anything that is happening on earth. Now that my recent blog about a serious issue " Pornography" has made a burning issue to people who definitely enjoy watching it. That is your choice to watch it or not, but don't i get to choose to express my views about anything I learn, anything that is part of my study. Now this is too much, as guys you are allowed to any kind of expression and when a girl does it she becomes characterless. We are taught to study issues from any field from gender to writing seminars to research methods to culture to and so on and if we are expressing the little learning we gain, why can't you digest it. Why on earth would a general topic not any personal would give people goose bumps and make them think it is a threat to their culture when a girl is writing on such sensitive topics. Stop discussing people, if its is in your culture be sad about it because its a third class act.

Please a humble request! Pisa ka di saqafato theeko no gani asumi. Please we have families too. They can get offended by such offensive talks about us. Think before what you say and most importantly please get a life. Do some practical jobs and do not worry much about protecting culture. Before judging someone please try to walk in their shoes. In simple words culture is no ones business.

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Barbara Alago
Nov 22, 2017
Nov 22, 2017

Dear Shakir

I feel your need to express yourself the best way you think you should. Ideally this should be the way things should be. Being called characterless and liberal can feel bad. I wish for a world that respects views expressed by different people for the betterment of humanity, where everyone will feel accepted and included