Dear male dominant culture!!

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted March 21, 2017 from Pakistan

Could you hear that voice?

Coming from behind the cages,

Of piles of prohibitions,

Eliminations, exclusions and segregations!

Could we for some time exchange positions?

You be cage birds and let us spoon feed you!

Let us set boundaries for you

Define you your limitations,

Engrave in your minds that,

How following the defined pattern

Brings you respect and appreciation,

Makes you a loved and valued being,

And sadly, dear repressive culture,

We at the same time tell you,

How deviating from the definite line,

Can bring you troubles of hatred, animosity and vulgarity.

Tell me!!

How do you like it then, when you know

Being beyond cages means,

Exploration, admiration, determination and passion

And then,

How do you feel when you see us?

Roaming across fearlessly like jubilant boys

Coming from winning a football match,

Like the drops of rain that bounce back hitting the wall,

Oh damn! we felt like over the moon!!

Playing your role was insanely serene.

Please tell me,

How did you like the limited circle we put you in?

Did it make you feel like?

Predestined robots following directions,

Lifeless beings always wondering

Only if and would that!!

Between wishing would that and if only,

I have seen thousand voices shaking

Tears shedding and heart breaking

O dear male dominant culture,

If through a contract of

Appreciating, praising and admiring

You allow us to break

The number of chains,

You have put us in

We would be very thankful,

Or else our beforehand apologies

For breaking the chains

by hook or crook.

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Mar 22, 2017
Mar 22, 2017

Beautiful and powerful poem dear Rakhshinda!  

Enmita Marin
Apr 02, 2017
Apr 02, 2017

Dear Rakhshinda

Beautiful, powerful and also so real, thanks for sharing this, is really beautiful. I will share with my friends your beautiful poem. 

Rakhshinda Shakir
Jun 17, 2017
Jun 17, 2017

Such a courage. Thank you lovely! 

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