Dear Beautiful Strong Women

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted July 16, 2017

Dear beautiful strong women!

In case just if

no one has reminded you

in a short while

of how beautiful you are

let me please

describe you

your beauty!

Did some one ever

tell you that

for beautiful things to happen

on this zigzag path of hindrances

in the what so calledof MEN"S world

you have to go through some

unexpected behavior

If you havedecidedto stay strong

by now,

I am deadly sure

you are well aware of

how where when and whom

you have to fiercely face!

Humiliation of course

never gonna leave

your beautiful mental sky

The agony is fathomable


you gotta adapt to that

what so call hurt and heartbreak!!

Don't you?

and give no damnto

those causing you it.

I understand that patience

does not come with an ease

but if you already

have came this far

I want to remind you

If by any means

your decision is, otherwise

we are never gonna be out of this men's world.

Just in case if no one has

told you of your beauty

in a while or so

Let me tell you

The word women is

no any different then

that of civilized!

You have to help me

teach the men

how to be civilized.

You have to help me

teach the men

that your honor does not lie

in some of your body parts

that they have given the name


You have to help me teach the men

You are more then just what you wear

We have to keep beingstrong

and tell the men

Every thing that is strong is beautiful

as strong and beautiful as you are

so tell the men

this is no time

to remain quiet

but being strong and beautiful in and out!

to teach the men civilization.

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Jill Langhus
Jul 17, 2017
Jul 17, 2017

Hi Rakshi:) Great photo and strong poem:-) Thanks for sharing.

Jul 18, 2017
Jul 18, 2017

indeed women are so beautiful but  some of us  don't  know ,your poem is sensible.