PAIN " A journey from Humanbeing to Being Human"

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted September 17, 2017

People say pain is so fucking painful but it’s worth it. Feeling pain is the journey from human being to being human. To my experience, pain makes us human being. It’s usual to feel pained. Everyone in life for quite a few times go through it. So I guess it’s normal, I guess we are going to be fine too. I guess with time it will get healed making us getting used to it. The harder the pain the stronger we become. To those who are in pain, it will last till it reaches every corner of your body to every bit of your organ making you feel it over and over. Fell it when you are in that state because the awful thing about feeling pained is it demands to be felt. Explaining the feeling of pain to someone is like trying to explain colors to a blind. Sadly, we can’t really explain to someone how we feel being pained. You know how it feels to be pained? Try holding your breath! Try holding more!! Exactly this is how it stays right in the middle of your chest, spreading to back and forth of your back making us feel numb. Your minds stay fucked up not been able to concentrate in anything that is happening around. We say I can feel your pain but in real sense no one feels anything. It’s only you and your pain to be dealing with your shits so deal with it. People feel pained due to a number of reasons. May be how they want things to happen is the opposite, or maybe there is something utterly cold recalling a warm memory. I wonder why memories can’t be taken with an ease. Even with a good memory lips wide spread but eyes become flooded. Is it due to the people no more available in our lives or is it with the time that you want to relive but in any possible way cant. People say time will heal pain but honestly speaking pain goes nowhere. It is there in us and always remains making us stronger. Ya, with time we get used to it and don’t feel much but since it demands to be felt it will knock us quite in a while making us sad and shedding tears again. Be happy about pain because it’s the journey from human being to being human. With that sense of helplessness and feeling pained it gives us the sense of being human. Pain teaches us how it feels to be pained so that we at least won’t be the reason for someone’s troubles. After we won the battle of wining our battle with pain we offer life a never ending positivity and love.

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Anthea Van Der Pluym
Sep 20, 2017
Sep 20, 2017

Dear Rahkshindar

Being human is the greatest gift and the one thing that separates us from the monsters.  Your pain does allow you to be human, and I can encourage you to let it pass. Pain is not the goal, merely the movement. Think of yourself as a pipe that allows rushing waters to pass through.   You as the vessel are whole, you are beautiful and you are allowed to be peaceful.  

Hugs to you. 

Sep 21, 2017
Sep 21, 2017

Hello Rahkshindar, reading your  write up has really open my mind not do dwell in pain rather see pain as a process of life.


Jane Kalu

Beth Lacey
Sep 26, 2017
Sep 26, 2017

Thank you for sharing.  Very thought provoking.