Lets stop breeding life and bring men no more!

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted January 11, 2018

Why did you

Wear sleeveless.

Must be the clothes

You wore made you

Look sexy enough!

To turn him on.

It is your fault Zainab

You should have

Covered in black burqa

And hide your private parts!

But your secondary organs

Were yet to develop

You were yet to be A woman.


But that doesn't matter,

Your plain chest

Showingno prominent boobs,

Even then you are raped.

May be nothing matters here

Not even your innocence

as 7 years young little fairy!

As long as you are a girl

Man entitle you

With vagina and boobs.

Then you are vulnerable.

Justice they seek for you

But little do these man know

No price can equate

The barbaric act!

No justice, no justice and no justice

Can ever bring you back!

No justice can ever stop

Who knows how many more Zainabs

To be rapped.

No justice.... !!

But in this men's world

Where we women

Are merely fuckable objects!

My dear ladies

Let's stop breeding life!

Let's stop bringing more men's

Let's flee this world of barbarism

And suffocate ourselves to death!

Better then dying once

Then every other day!

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Jill Langhus
Jan 12, 2018
Jan 12, 2018

Hi Rakshi. Thanks for sharing your thought provoking poem. Yes, what happened to Zainab and other little girls is abominable, so I definitely see what you're saying. It's hard to wrap my head around such hatred and violence. I just keep thinking, "why?" Why is anyone that angry? To me it's what is most troubling and perplexing to me, and what perpetuates this type of behavior.

Jan 13, 2018
Jan 13, 2018

I stand with Zaynab. I stand with women in our struggle. I know that one day we will overcome and our daughters will not need to struggle or fight anymore.

Thanks for this beautiful but sad piece.

Jan 18, 2018
Jan 18, 2018

Hi Rakshi, I have no words...it also happened here in my country...I dont understand why such person does these horrible things.... :(

Jan 19, 2018
Jan 19, 2018

HI Rakshi,

Thank you for writing this powerful piece.  The emotion and heartbreak comes thru your words.  As I let the words resonate in my being, I keep hearing the word justice.  

Peace and blessings,