We are no marriage material!

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted January 18, 2020

Pakistani dramas or film industry revolve only around women's marriage, divorce and gossips that oscillate between saas, maika, trapped with in-laws. Been a while now I have started to feel depressed, sad and very sad.

Show us some unusual stories. How about bringing women to front who are good hikers, against all odds chose to play, how about feminists who say , " cook your own food" , " do your own dishes" ? We are interested in knowing about women who break the taboos. Show us what it means to be a rebel, and how there are women who are punching patriarchy right in the face. There are hidden women behind the scenes who should be filmed, who should be seen as role models.

We are fed up with divorce, tears, bewafaii, no wedding proposals. ! We know these problems prevail.. show us how do we face them. Show us how to enjoy nature, be philosophical, enjoy deep conversation, show us those women who before the TV screen, with sigh! silently desire the film industries to be creative and mourn the curse of society being portrayed over and over where a woman is victimized. There are women who stand like rocks in the face of no proposals, they go out like random guys do, without make up, fearless, free ; they are into sports, hiking, thinking, writing, analyzing.

This world is wide open! There are working badass women despite this land feels like belonging to men only, wrap their scarf around, and see dead in the eyes of gender discrimination, smile at life with a hope that someday they will be included in the bigger picture of the society too, and they fight for it. There are women so unknown to you!! AAh!!

Please don't fix it to marriage and divorce only, for GOD SAKE

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Jill Langhus
Jan 18
Jan 18

Hi Rakhshi,

How are you doing, love? What are "saas" and "maika?" Perhaps you should be a producer or director:-) Nothing would ever surprise me from you:-) I think these types of movies, and series, are coming about, slowly but surely.

Hope you're doing well, and having a good weekend, dear.


Rakhshinda Shakir
Jan 18
Jan 18

Hey, Jill! I am fine, thanks. How are you? Saas is mother in law in Urdu language. Basically all the post is about how women are victimized and considered only as marriage material. We are way more than that.
I have so much to accomplish very soon. Keep me in your best wishes.

Jan 18
Jan 18

Dear Rakshi,
I can understand you very well. Women must have a purpose than marriage. God purpose for marriage but it was voluntarily. However, every movie is like marriage people got it all? Happily ever after stories here and there haha.
I think there is more to accomplish before God that marriage.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you cheer up. Don't let things get to you :-)
Take care

Jan 18
Jan 18

That is why I avoid watching tv dramas and just choose good movie to watch. I agree with you Rakshi... there are a lot of stories of women they can produce....A Millenial woman leading the digital world :) A woman passed a law and so on....that would be more interesting!!!!

Anita Shrestha
Jan 19
Jan 19

Thank you for sharing

Hello, Rakshinda,

Preach it, sister! Those kind of scripts are dangerous to young girls because they may look at it as a model of their own lives. But these tv shows and movies are there for advertisement. It's all pure business for them. But if viewers will be as loud as you in raising a demand for women to be depicted as what achievers, collobarators, and champions, maybe they will listen. Hopefully.

Thank you for raising your voice. We hear you! We are proud of you!

Beth Lacey
Jan 24
Jan 24

Yes, ditch the stereotypes. We are much more interesting than that

Jan 30
Jan 30

Hi Rakshinda
Thank you for writing on this.
Many people see it as a taboo ( crime) when a woman approaches a man for marriage. This mindset is very common in African culture. To ensure equality that we preach and practice, women should be given that opoturnity to freely approach people they want to get married to not only men approaching.
This will make men to stop suppressing women of their rights, not calling them house wives as men them themselves could be called house husbands. Partnership for goals SDG17 should promoted in marriage.
I look forward for future collaboration.
Love and blessings

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

HI Rakhsi,
Thank you for your post on these stereotypes. We are much much better than that. There so many things out there in the world that can bring hope and inspire especially women and girls.
Have a lovely day.

Feb 02
Feb 02

Hi Rakhshi,
Thank you for sharing this. I hope it will be change about the marriage showed in the movie. Marriage is voluntarily, that you love someone that's why you married not by force of anyone.
Hope you doing fine.

Have a nice day dear

Hello Sister Rakhshi,

I love your point of view as too often we continue to focus on the problem and not on a commitment to social change and transformation. This change ought to begin with the women in Bollywood who are the actors and if Bollywood is a male-dominated and run industry then women ought to become the pioneers and challenge the norms. The question is what will you continue to do to bring awareness and calls to action? I would suggest by writing, speaking out and finding public spaces to engage in such conversations.