Pay attention; Miracles Happen

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted August 18, 2020
Magical individuality
Magical individuality : Never take individuality for granted. It is magical. (1/1)

Next time you take  individuality for granted and seek for another  person  to complete you, think twice about  individuals who are drown in  the sun set, who looks passionately into the eye of  existence with a cup of self made  tea in hand.

Presumably, we think, our unhappiness come from missing people in our lives. That is not true. Our unhappiness thrive in our inability to feel. We are unable to concentrate, we run, we are always - always in hurry. Hurrying is the actual hindrance, not individuality. 

Embrace life even in despair, but holding on to hope.  Fantasize life. You know,  what flourishes, ceases too.  What  has ceased has to flourish ; change is the beauty of life. This is the only reality. Doubt if you want,  but deep down, be a firm believer. Have faith that what has turned upside down will magically be fixed.

No, life isn't out of magic anymore. Everday, every hour, every second is unpredicted ; magic ; yes  miracles happen every now and then,  but we are so unknown to the beauty that life's unpredictability behold.

We are unhappy because we don't know,  unable to see through, don't listen carefully the most of all we don't understand, not because we can't, but we just don't.  Converse to nature, yourself as part of it and embrace life with hope, and you will see how hope has feathers.

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Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Aug 18, 2020
Aug 18, 2020

Hello, Rakshinda,

Nice photo you have here. It seems like you're having a coffee date with nature as you embrace your individuality.

"Our unhappiness thrive in our inability to feel." This is insightful.

Thanks for sharing this moment with us!

Aug 19, 2020
Aug 19, 2020

Hi Rakshinda,
Nice piece. Thank you for sharing.

Our happiness shouldn't depend on others at all. We must come to terms with our inner selves. Unhappiness rightly stems from the unknown. However, "hope has feathers"

E. J.

Aug 28, 2020
Aug 28, 2020

Thank you for sharing Sister.