An Unwanted Touch

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted September 11, 2020

The despair which stems from the unwanted touch, almost the majority men passing by riding motorcycles cause, mark our bodies with forever grief that prints in our soul a long-lasting agony; a story of every woman. These unwanted touch prints stay with us as an ominous nightmare lifelong, that are unable to fix and we never truly overcome but grow numb with them.

I won't ask for fancy or impossible terms such as justice, compensation bla bla, but do me a favor please; believe that harassment is not a myth or a made-up story that women make, rather an immoral practice turned into an unofficial norm almost impossible to undo now, and each day we women walk full of fear even across the streets due to patriarchy which you call an honorable culture.

The fear with which we walk the streets is damn real and the men riding motorcycles, finding harassing women amusing is real too. The later is more threatening, for finding harassment entertaining is a sign for more harassment, more killing, more rape, and total chaos.

This is what been happening every other day, rap, kidnap, burn, harass and get away with it, and when we say " my body , my choice" it triggers negativity in men and the incident in Lahore where a mother is gang-raped is the result stemming from a lethal and abandoned mentality called patriarchy.

Spare us, let us breathe, dear men.

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Jill Langhus
Sep 11, 2020
Sep 11, 2020

Hello Dear Rakhshi,

How are you doing, dear? I hear you! Too true:-( It has to change.

Nini Mappo
Sep 11, 2020
Sep 11, 2020

Unwanted touches as prints, true. I painted over those with forgiveness. I don't want to be carrying anyone's prints on me, it's burdensome. But not all of us can reach forgiveness, especially when the perpetrator has not shown remorse.
It is sad that so much has not changed, but we continue to speak up. Maybe one day, they'll get it, and as you write, let us breath

Sep 19, 2020
Sep 19, 2020

Thank you for sharing.