Ordinary is extraordinary

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted October 17, 2020

This time my stay in Chitral was a little longer after many many years. Children of new generation, whom I was unknown to, became the very reason of utmost joy. Of them, Babu was one gem of a baby so adorable with her little hands, blond hair, tomboy life taste. Drowned so much in curiosity and unending questions, she would sit on my lap, take my phone, unlock the pattern, stare at me with grin smile for not stopping her from using my phone.

Then, she would turn her attention to my hair, stare the curls and say " you know i have the same hair as yours, but my mom cuts it because she doesn't like curly hair " . Everytime she tells me this, it leads  me to  ponder on  how conditioning  decides our personalities until we take time to unlearn them and recondition ourselves. Perhaps, life is perfect the way it is with all the struggles and hardships that we may face, otherwise, if everything desired already existed what would we strive for? What would have happened to our understanding, or would we ever ponder?

Meanwhile, carrying complete consciousness, and owning the moment as forever hers,  she would run to her room and bring me gifts. One day she gave me a gift box , the other day, dried nail polish. It is not the item that comes in as present that matters, but the heart which slips in love touched by immense feelings.

With each passing day, amazed by the tricks, love, overloaded cuteness of children,  I wouldn't for seconds stop staring at them with awe and silently wishing to halt time there in one moment for ever!

Sometimes, I think, how for granted we have taken life, how extraordinary moments have gone hidden,  upraised and ungrateful. Yet, we complain life is boring. Lets look around with our eyes open, surrendering to the moments, that whatever  life brings itself; submit to it and not chase anything.

Quietude, stillness and silence are metaphoral way of saying to pay attention and quench the thirst for existence and consciousness Hold on there, live on...

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Nini Mappo
Oct 18, 2020
Oct 18, 2020

Hello Rakshinda,
It's great to hear of all the joys and life lessons learnt from interacting with young children. Yes, children remind us that life is fun, if we paused enough to find the fun. How lovely for the children that you were such great company for them:)