The Art Of Detachment

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted October 27, 2020

And freedom! she said,

Can only buy you the utmost beauty!

You gotta earn that!

Not purchase...


It can't be bargained.

You have to earn to pay the price.

There is no displacement!


Why is this restlessness for?

Where are the insecurities coming from?

Of loosing, of lonesome,

Of heart ache and break!


Tell me your greatest fear..

Loose it!

Then only you are free

when you have nothing to lose

Nothing to gain no more pain.


Let me repeat!

There is a whole path to walk

and reach freedom!

You have to break

All the chains you have come through

And be freer as if,

When the wind touches

green trees in nature

The flow of leaves are

Not to and fro,  but random


The stronger the wind

The faster the movement

As if dancing to the rhythm of freedom.

But what makes the tree

Dance with such a rhythm?


It seems stiff but look at the moves!

Freer, fearless confident and bold

The buried roots

The anchoring

Deep down the soil..

Is the art behind.


Burying is an art

Learn it and we all must learn! 

Bury all that you can

All the distractions

 Burying is not easy I understand

But the more we bury

The most freer we get.


In order for freedom to reveal

We got to master

the art of Detachment!

Detachments from our insecurities Attachments , desires, fears

And bury them deep down

The heart!


Isolation is when you are independent

When you rely on just yourself

Keep distance, isolate yourself

Practice pause, patience,

Be calm and pay attention. ,

Detachment! I repeat....

You need to master the art of detachment.

Once we have mastered detachment

Our journey to submition  begins!


And that's where freedom lies.

When you have nothing to fear

Nothing to loose

And nothing to gain But yourself!



This poem is From my archived folder almost 3 years old writing!

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Jill Langhus
Oct 28, 2020
Oct 28, 2020

Hello Dear Rakhshi,

How are you doing, dear? Wise as always. Now we have to figure out how to keep learning as many tools as possible to be released from all our fears. Hope you're safe and well, and having a good week! XX

Busayo Obisakin
Oct 28, 2020
Oct 28, 2020

Hello Rakhshinda,
Thank you for sharing your inspiring poem with us!

Beth Lacey
Nov 18, 2020
Nov 18, 2020

I so enjoy your poetry

Jan 05
Jan 05

Dear Rakhshinda,

Thank you very much for sharing beautiful and instructive poem.
Indeed, there is no shop in the world that sells freedom, and detachment and listening to your inner wisdom are paths to freedom.
May you find more freedom in your writings. All the best.