Loneliness isn’t escape, my friend

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted November 1, 2020

Loneliness isn’t an escape. Sometimes, when every an inch of escape doesn’t help, sit back and hide. Hide within your skin, hide in a tiny place that can only embody your own body and none else. Think endlessly, shed tears, smile as such that stops the moment in that very second, cherish your victories, embrace your failures! 


In your mental sky, beware of the things that you have no control of, beware of the moment, the very moment of eloquent silence. Speaking has often worsened things, listen if you can. Listen to your own untold stories, take a break from the mundane world if it makes no sense, but mend every time you sit back all by yourself. Mending is a brand, we all break to mend.

Mend, heal, forgive, and let go! You don’t have to make sense to everyone, it’s your battle, you are supposed to make sense to yourself! If the least you could do is sit alone and cry,  not feeling the need of relying on a second person, Aaah! You have come very far in your journey of relearning and abandoning. You are doing great.

Hold back, stir, don’t end the constant conversation with your damn self in utter and complete solitude. Sometimes, loneliness isn’t escaping, it is the very need, the only need, the forever need. 


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Jill Langhus
Nov 02, 2020
Nov 02, 2020

Hello Rakhshi,

How are you doing, dear? This is true. I need more than a moment of silence this morning. It felt uncomfortable, but it was necessary. Thanks for sharing.

Jan 21
Jan 21

Hello Rakhshindar,

Another powerful, instructive and uplifting post! Keep them coming. All the best.