The not wanted, but the needed

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted February 17, 2021

It has been a while since I ever self-talked! Many philosophers have found a cure in it; in self-talk I mean.

What do I mean when I say cure? I don't necessarily mean an end process. Nothing is forever, not even healing. No cure can heal each cut ends you bleed. It just doesn't happen. Healing is a process where curing dead ends has to hurt before it is healed.

Nothing can be said of how long one has to battle with one thing before moving on to the next. I don't think the term complete is ever true. The term process is synonymous with incomplete. Something in the proceeding can never be complete like a human uncertain life on earth that is always a destiny, not a destination to reach.

You see, life is a process of transformation. We don't transform all at once, but little by little. It is such a slow process that sometimes it doesn't even feel, but everyday something is happening even if it's is a routine task, something always externally grows.

There are two types of growth. One is external solely based on validations. It's like glamour, spark, twinkle, a substitution for something else. This isn't the type of growth I want to talk about today, there is another type very unfamiliar and unknown, but the meaningful; the most needed growth if not the most wanted.

Sometimes, the biggest enigma of life is we must be in desperate need of the things that we don't want the most. We need to grow internally much more than we do externally.

And internal growth is a journey to the self, away from the chaos of the mundane world. A process of undoing those that don't serve.

When we say the process, it is by definition something that doesn't end, so when I say growth is a process, I mean there is not a single goal to reach. You keep modifying. It's like walking and walking but not reaching anywhere, but keep walking. 

It seems tiring, energy-draining, but the sooner you learn to appreciate the unending path, the journey to internal growth begins. So, then you grow silent, observant, and carry light in your smile and love in your bones that no external validation can ever dare to hurt.

They say everything takes time. Yes, it does, but they also say we are always running short of it. Funny, isn't it? If all we have is time how can one run short of it? All else will die, but not time. It is an eternal process one only can fathom by mastering internal growth.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 19
Feb 19

Hello Rakhshi, Dear,

How are you doing? It seems that you're having an introspective moment:-) I don't recall if you majored in philosophy, but if you didn't, I think you may want to revisit it. You really enjoy it. I like introspection, but it has a tendency to drive me crazy after awhile, if I mull to long... ha. I think the sooner we learn to let go, reside in our bodies (not our head) and allow ease, grace and flow as much into our lives as possible the better. Having said this, it's a process.... sigh.

Hope you're well, and that you have a good weekend, dear. XX

Beth Lacey
Feb 19
Feb 19

This story certainly made me think

Feb 22
Feb 22

Your sharing is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes, we need some 'me' time to talk to ourselves. It is a process to have self reflection and think about how to improve. This is part of our growth journey. We grow and make ourselves better everyday.
May Almighty God bless you!

Feb 28
Feb 28

Dear Rakhshinda,

Thank you very much for reminding us of the importance of introspection.
Taking a journey of introspection, going into deep silence and meditation can be a healing experience.
I believe that to find oneself, one must undertake an inner journey and connect with a Higher Power and listen for wisdom.
Your pieces are extremely instructional. Keep them coming. All the best to you.