Professionalism at the Cost of Emotional Health is Nothing, but Incompetence

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted April 29, 2021

If I tell you that the sky today is crying not for nothing, would you be able to relate and believe me? Maybe you won't with the same intention I am saying it, with the same scattered feelings pulling me here and there!

There are unending " may be's" in each unpredicted situation one encounters, but maybe if we don't look down at emotions and the decision that involves heart and sympathy, the dream for life to be a utopian ideal would be next-level reality!


Let's not get too involved in the brutal misunderstandings of the system that they call " systematic official bilateral decisions ", the thing is, it is never too little or too big an act to be kind and sane and connect to the problems of others. Some may call me too emotionally wounded, or mock my words as pouring below the logic of rationality, but it takes only emotions for life to be sane and beautiful and healed, why not!

But, mixed with tons of may be's and would that and what if, I am waiting for my bus to leave in ten minutes, sitting in a waiting room full of men and myself at the very corner. And as I write this " the sky is crying not for nothing today", I suddenly happen to stare at myself, take a breath to own my freedom, taste life with authenticity, hold back my tears for some emotional reasons, and on the wings of independence, thank Lord for this beautiful existence, smile and leave the waiting room.

What a sense of relief it is to be your own motivation of healing, I want us all to reach that very level!

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Jill Langhus
Apr 30
Apr 30

Hello Dear, Rakhshi,

How are you doing now, dear? I hope you're feeling better now. Thanks so much for sharing your introspective, always eloquent, post:-) XX

Apr 30
Apr 30

Hi Rakhshi I believe you my dear. Thank you for sharing your emotional feelings

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