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About Me

Restless seeker of gender equality and women empowerment, I am a student of Asian University for Women pursuing Liberal Arts degree. My childhood experiences reflect the supremacy of patriarchy and as a minute worthless creature I hated to be treated differently. However, as I grew older with age and knowledge and experience, I came to know its not the gender to be hated but the stereotypes to be challenged and changed. Looking at eye of cultural norms that are unequal in gender I love to wink back at them and step ahead to say " NO" to its practice. I further at the same time aim to shape and reshape those aspects of culture that are discriminatory in gender, because culture is a way of life not impositions of laws on girls set by the male generation of a particular community.

My Vision

To help humanity remember the real purpose of life " Love". I aim to have a world, of peace, and tranquility.


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I am a feminist who is very passionate about the power of pen and writing. Nothing is much powerful then an idea which is penned down.


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